Welcome to our 12-Week Forever Kick Start Challenge®, we couldn’t be more excited to get you started! 
- This is how it works. 

STEP ONE | Finding your personal start point

2 weeks - 

> Nutrition assessment

> Live exercise instruction

> Motivation & mindset workshop

> One-on-One personal coaching call 

STEP TWO | Creating new habits that last

8 weeks - 

> 2 x week live exercise classes

> 1 x week group coaching meet-up

> Access to our mobile app

> Nutrition guides, help sheets and more...

STEP THREE | Beyond the finish line

2 weeks - 

> 2 x graduate exercise classes

> 2 x group coaching reviews

> Ready to live your new life without limits


With national lockdown and most people in a state of survival, frustration and worry – is now a good time to put yourself first?

Absolutely it is. Of course, our thoughts go out to all those affected by the corona virus and the many thousands of people working tirelessly behind the scenes to help others. We will all need to remain strong and focused through all of this. If you are a women over 40 you were likely feeling out of sorts with yourself before corona virus. Maybe you have been yo-yo dieting, chasing the next shiny weight loss thing and increasingly seeing your self-esteem disappear.


Today, we may all be more anxious than ever. But be sure. To improve our fitness, prioritise our health and be strong for our families and others who are likely equally concerned is a good thing. If not now, when?

Coming out of this stronger, fitter and happier in yourself is only a good thing.

You have the time. We can help you afford the cost. And together we can work towards you finding your best self, locked away inside….ready?

Zig Zag in Action

> "Live" coffee time online to get together with like-minded women

> Resistance and huffy puffy cardio "live" workouts 

> Nutrition guidance workshops and downloads

> Personal accountability via your app

> Everything you need to change for good!

Join the Community

We offer so much more than just an app. So much more than just exercise classes online. So much more than just another diet plan! Be part of the Zig Zag movement and life, as they say, will never be the same again!

Live "coaching" meet-ups - get your mind in gear

Live classes - workout from home, together

All the support you could need via our app

A group program with a very personal touch!


Every weekday from 10.45am

Request access to our ladies coffee morning to talk about your health and fitness and what most stops you from achieving lasting results when it comes to your weight, health and fitness. Relax with other like-minded women and let's talk over coffee. The session lasts just 45 minutes and is designed to shed some light on precisely why most women struggle with this area of their lives. And it's absolutely free. 

Why this program | Why now?

We tackle your health, weight and fitness by getting to the root cause of the problem. We help you become more accountable. We help you deal with what otherwise stops you and holds you back. We assist you to accelerate weight loss but in a way that is sustainable. We help you look in the mirror and smile at the woman looking back.


This is a woman's movement empowering those ready to take back control of their weight, their health, their confidence and their lives once and for all. And, there's no time like the present!

We can't wait to see you online. 


No Problem. Get a copy of our FREE 7-Day Accountability Journal to help you manage your focus through this difficult time

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