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April 2020

Dear female over 40,

If you are reading this letter, I suspect it’s because you feel trapped in your current situation. You take care of others brilliantly. You always try to make everybody else happy. But you're rubbish at putting yourself first and use food and drink to cover up what is really wrong.


First up can I say, well done. You've done, and continue to do, an incredible job looking after everyone else. Now it’s your turn!


How would it feel to sufficiently prioritise yourself and find the right balance for you? To get your confidence back, feel fitter, lose a few pounds and feel more like the old you, the one you once knew. You will have more energy and be able to look after everyone else even better too.  

You know, having worked with hundreds of women and being a woman myself, I know it isn’t the cooking healthy meals that is the problem but the snacking in between. It isn’t that you don't realise exercise is good for you, it's doing it sustainably that is the problem.


And you are not alone.


Many women feel stuck, lost, frustrated and totally overwhelmed when it comes to their weight, health and fitness and cover up what is really wrong by diving into the latest crazy diet plan or fitness fad.


You’re about to be faced with a decision and one that could change the rest of your life. Keep reading.


I, too, have found myself facing some tough decisions. I wasn’t living my best life either. I was OK and on the outside, many would have said happy and content and doing just fine. But the truth was a little different.


You know, as women we are discouraged from thinking about ourselves. We’re taught this is how life is supposed to be.


We’re led to believe we should live our lives for others and, God forbid should we ever do something for ourselves, we're either told or inherently feel totally selfish about it.


Somewhere along the line we became lost in the lie that life is a compromise and we just need to suck it up and get on with things. And I want to help you free yourself.


You have 2 options.


Option 1 will offer you the least path of resistance. You can simply carry on as you are. You can use the current situation and fear around COVID-19 to just cover up what is wrong and wait it out.


Eventually, we’ll come out the other end and then when everyone else is trying to get things back to normal, you can again realise that your normal is not a happy place.


You can hope that things will get better on their own.But let's be honest, unless you change, nothing really will change at all.


Or, you can jump into option 2.


Option 2 will teach you how to take back control.

It will help you to live your life with confidence.


This second option is your lifeline; it will help you to sufficiently prioritise yourself, find the right balance for you and start living your best life.


It will help you to address the root cause of why you have struggled with your weight, health and fitness most of your life.


If you are tired of just putting plasters on what is wrong and know that dieting and quick fixes only make things worse not better, you know what to do.


If you’ve tried all the cool-sounding programs, even hired personal trainers, but nothing has worked, let’s face it the problem’s not going to go away doing more of the same.


Trust me, I know. I did the same. On the outside everything looked fine. But fine didn't really feel enough.


Now, for me, it wasn’t about weight loss. But it was about feeling trapped in who others thought I should be. I did, indeed, take the courage to change my life knowing I would be called selfish and knowing it would massively affect others too. 


You see, we only have one life. And it’s ours to live. It has a use-by date and it is precious.


For you too, I suspect your weight or health issues run deeper than just needing an exercise plan to follow or a diet to stick to. And if that’s the case, I know I can help.


That’s why I created Zig Zag. It’s why I include -


Meditation & relaxation,

Nutrition for 40+ women,

Habit strategies,

"At-home" workouts for 40+,

Beating self-sabotage, and

Daily action planning.


I started out as a personal trainer several decades ago. I was then a stay-at-home mum for many years. And then 5 years ago, I re-discovered my passion for wanting to help others, because I resonate tremendously with the struggles of a 40+ woman.


I revisited my training spending thousands of pounds on upgrading my qualifications, learning about the psychology of behaviour change, mindset control, self-sabotage and why most people can’t seem to break free from their current habits and patterns of thinking around diet and nutrition and what to do instead.


Once I’d created my program and established what I was prepared to do with my time and energy for the rest of my life, I launched Zig Zag in 2015. Zig Zag represents my journey through life to date. It’s been quite a zig zag. Maybe you too? But it represents my life's work. And I can't wait to start sharing it with you. 


My program is simple.

It has to be. You are busy and already overwhelmed and confused about what to do for the best. The last thing you need is a complicated and difficult path ahead.


The women I work with recongise what they most need is more accountability. They need to finally prioritise themselves enough to get their weight, health and fitness sorted once and for all. They know they most need help with being more consistent and committed to their own priorities. 


Once you complete the 12 week program, maintaining the results you attain will feel effortless since you will no longer fight with yourself over what to eat or whether to exercise or not. We will work together to create new habits that will last.


Option 2 is your lifeline.

There really aren’t any health and wellbeing programs out there for 40 plus women.


If you want to not only lose weight but keep it off… If you want to look in the mirror and smile at the woman looking back…

If you want to live the rest of your life with a renewed level of confidence to participate in it more fully….


If you resonate with my message.

I’m looking for committed women to fill my Forever Kick Start Challenge® starting April 27th.


To see if you would qualify for the program, just click the link below.


My team and I are ready and committed to work with you. But we do need your commitment also.


You can spread the fees over the duration of the program. We even have a COVID-19 upfront discount for those ready to begin.

Check if you would qualify for the program

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I'm ready to change my life

Hope to see you on the inside,

Allison x


P.S. If you’re like me and you generally skip to the end, then I’m going to have to put my coach hat on and advise you do differently on this one...Why?  


Skipping the letter and reading a ‘P.S.’ won’t help you finally take back control of your weight, health and fitness for good. Trust me, you’ll receive greater benefits if you study the words up the top of this page closely; they stem from helping hundreds of women just like you :)


P.P.S. Now, if you’ve read the letter and you’re ready to have a conversation on how you can take option 2 with confidence, let's get to know one another! Click to see whether you qualify.