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Watch this video to understand how these women got their confidence back

We help women over 40 get their confidence back without having to battle with any more diets or crazy fitness regimes that just leave you feeling and frustrated and disappointed.   

Allison is a mum of three, passionate women's fitness coach and co-owner of the Zig Zag Fitness Company.

Darren is a behaviour change coach and specialises in mental fitness and is also co-owner of the Zig Zag Fitness Company.

Our 5-Step Formula will help you level up with yourself and deal with what really stops you losing weight and keeping it off.


You will embrace a flexible approach to dieting that will enable you to still eat with your family.


And our exercise plans are time-efficient and easy to follow, will raise your metabolism and are specifically designed for women over 40.


Ready to get started? 


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